Photo Wednesday #8

This is the Hyatt Hotel in the centre of Birmingham, UK. The picture was taken from the balcony of the new Birmingham Library. From ground level or when it’s dark the sides look like perfectly flat walls of glass. However from the right spot you can see that it’s not the case and the small misalignments create some interesting distortions. The crane in this one adds a bit more interest.

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Trig Point Photo – Tair Carn Isaf

Although the previous panorama photo worked OK the surroundings were not very interesting. For this next one I decided on a location with a somewhat better view. The trig point that I chose is at the very western end of the Brecon Beacons and is the last summit before the mountains give way to the rolling hills of Carmarthenshire. Unfortunately the conditions could have been a little clearer but there’s enough to see I think. Click on the image extract below to take you to my demo site and view the panorama

Additional Pannellum Features

I’ve used a couple of extra Pannellum features to add more information to the panorama:


The compass option shows a small graphic with the black end of the needle representing north. It’s calibrated using the “northOffset” parameter to specify the offset of the direction of north from the starting point of the panorama. I set it up using a bit of trial and error to get the needle initially pointing at something that I knew the bearing of. I then corrected the bearing to get the correct direction.

I used Bing maps to get the lat/long coordinates of the origin and the target then an online calculator to work out the bearing.

The extra lines in the panorama viewer code look something like:


Hot Spots

A “hot spot” is a method of displaying some extra information at various points of the panorama and, optionally, a link to related website. A hot spot is shown by the small “i” graphic with the text shown on hover over and the optional link opened if the hot spot is clicked on.

There’s a JavaScript debug option called “hotSpotDebug” which logs each left click to the console which makes it much easier to work out the placement of each hot spot.

The extra lines for each hot spot in the panorama viewer code look something like:

"hotSpots": [
"pitch": -3.5,
"yaw": 90.981,
"type": "info",
"text": "Carreg Cennen Castle",
"URL": ""
} ]


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