I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures of flowers. They can be found in a huge range of shapes and colours, you can find them everywhere and they don’t talk back! Here are a few of my favourites:

These are Californian poppies in two different colours. The first was taken at the National Botanic Garden of Wales and the second in my mother’s garden.  I like the simplicity of these flowers and the colours are very subtle.

sunflowerSunflowers make great subjects, either as whole fields of them or, like here, just a single flower. This one was grown in our garden by my wife. I wanted to crop out our rather scruffy shed that was in the background so I zoomed in very close to capture the detail of the centre of the flower. In the Autumn the dried seed heads of sunflowers also make a great photo subject.

dahliaThis dahlia was taken in the garden of the Musee des impressionnismes in Giverny in France. It was a bit of a dull, overcast day in late Autumn but the combination of a dark background and the purple tinges to the white petals made a vivid contrast.

pansyI loved the bold colours on this pansy that was growing in our garden. The droplets of rain added an interesting pattern to the white petals.

ccThis is a Christmas Cactus ( bought from Lidl I think ) and it’s normally covered in flowers from November onwards. I used a black background for this photo and lit it from both sides to create some interesting shadows.

cactusFinally something slightly different – a cactus flower. This cactus has been growing in my mother’s glasshouse for as long as I can remember and each year it produces a profusion of blooms like this. The flowers don’t last long and I caught this one just at its peak.

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