Flowers in Groups

As well being photogenic as single specimens, flowers also work well in groups. For these shots I’ve tried to isolate the flowers from the background, either by reducing the depth of field or by using a backing board

This is a Paperwhite narcissus grown indoors by my wife. It flowered over one Christmas holiday. I’ve used a black background card to make the white flowers show up more clearly.

This was taken in the glasshouse at the National Botanic Garden of Wales. My notes are a bit lacking so I’m afraid that I don’t know the genus. I love the contrast between the purple of the petals and the bright yellow ends of the stamens.

This is a convolvulus and regarded pretty much everywhere as a weed. It does have attractive pure white flowers but I still wouldn’t want it in my garden. I was experimenting with the my new 55-300mm telephoto lens at the time and it proved very successful in reducing the depth of field to blur the background.

These are part of a bouquet that my wife got on Mother’s Day. I used a black background card again and also tried to zoom in so that the flowers filled the whole frame. I used artificial lighting from each side to try and add some shadow details.

This is blossom on a plum tree in the garden of our old house. The background really was a cloudless blue sky but it was difficult to frame a suitable group of blossoms against the sky. I ended up standing on a step ladder, holding some other branches out of the way with one hand while taking the photo with the other.

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