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Full 3D Models With openMVG/MVE

The previous post on openMVG used a simple example that was only really 2.5D rather than full 3D. Although it was possible to see the mask in 3D there was only a limited amount of rotation and manipulation available. A … Continue reading

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Google App Engine for General Web Hosting

I use a free plan for this blog and IMHO it’s a great service. Unfortunately neither this plan nor any of the paid-for versions will allow me to run random bits of Javascript to demonstrate things like a 3D … Continue reading

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Basic Operation of openMVG/MVE

Having decided that openMVG and MVE were the best options for investigating photogrammetry then there are two steps in making them convenient to use: As far as I know there’s no pre-packaged installation available for either of the tools so … Continue reading

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